Mold Testing & Inspection

Mold testing and inspection are the keys to comprehensive mold abatement. Thoroughness is important to assure that mold remediation treatments are performed to your satisfaction. Pre- and post-remediation testing and inspections allow us to ensure your home is mold-free.

At Ozark Inspections, we visually inspect for moisture and water intrusion using infrared detection technology. Then, if appropriate, we will take air and/or surface samples to check for mold spores, following the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization mold testing methods and procedures. Remember, you cannot rely on what you see or smell to ascertain the presence of mold! Finally, we submit our samples to an independent microbial laboratory for a comprehensive analysis.

Why Mold Testing & Inspection

The purpose of performing pre-remediation mold testing is to provide the property owner or decision maker with a clear picture of the severity of the issue at hand. Pre-remediation mold testing is important for many reasons including:

  • To provide a baseline for post-remediation testing
  • To reveal potential hidden issues within the property
  • To date moisture intrusion which may reveal previously unknown water events
  • To assist with defining the scope of work necessary for a successful remediation

Many of our customers ask us how to know if they have mold in the home. Any one of the following is an indication of mold:

You See It. You see mold. Visible mold spreads quickly and easily throughout your home or workplace.

You Smell It. You smell a musty odor, which could be a sign of hidden mold by an unknown moisture source.

You Feel It. Symptoms of mold related health problems can include sinus infections, sore throat, headache, coughing, rashes, and fatigue. Individuals with pre-existing health conditions, including allergies, immune disorders, or transplant patients, may be more severely affected by the presence of mold.

The suspicions of mold through visual clues and other senses does not always indicate there is mold present. Surface and/or air quality testing can confirm you have a mold issue.

When our representatives arrive, they will visually inspect for mold and water intrusion including utilizing infrared technology. Your responsibility is to identify what you feel are suspect areas versus non-suspect areas. This is important information for our representative to determine the number and location of any samples. Our representatives will not be held liable for a client’s decision to decline testing in a recommended location. Proper assessment is critical to the success of a remediation project and it is highly recommended that testing be performed both prior to and after the remediation is conducted.

Our Promise

We provide the highest-quality inspection, at a reasonable price. We  are committed to increasing our knowledge through continuing education, maintaining membership with InterNACHI

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